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Rollair 30-50E and Rollair 30-50E V

The Rollair 30-50E (V) range fulfils the market’s need for more efficient and sustainable compressors. Discover this range of highly efficient oil-injected screw compressors that can offer a tailored solution for a wide range of compressed air applications.

Key benefits:

Worthington Rollair 35 rightfront
  • Gearbox technology (Rollair) and direct driven transmission (Rollair V) make for outstanding energy efficiency and reliability.
  • In-house designed element with high performance
  • Optimal ventilation, oversized cooler and improved cooling flow result in a lower working temperature and a long
    product and component life time.
  • Very quiet operation due to improved noise insulation, so can be placed close to the workplace.
  • Smooth service thanks to the large hinged doors and removable panels.
  • Easy to install thanks to a high variety of configurations and scope of supply.
  • Primary suppliers for main outsourced components like motors and converters, with world wide support.
  • A solid quality air package for dry and clean compressed air.
  • The options you need to further customize your compressor to your specific needs.

Worthington Rollair 50E VT heroshot
This Rollair E (V) range has combined improved air elements, solid motors and high efficiency transmission methods that will boost your performance in an energy efficient and sustainable way. As a result, you will not only enjoy reliable and performant compressed air to drive your processes but also benefit from a drastic energy and ownership cost reduction. Furthermore what you cannot save, you can recover. With a newly designed energy recovery system as an option, you can recover up to 75% of the total absorbed energy as warm water.