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Rollair 550-2000 and Rollair 10-20E V

This range offers efficient, reliable and complete compressed air solutions which fit a wide range of requirements. Developed with the customer in mind, they score high on efficiency and user comfort.

Key benefits:

Worthington Rollair 1000 T
  • The direct driven transmission method makes for outstanding energy efficiency and reliability (Rollair 10-20E V)
  • A highly reliable belt-driven IP55 motor guarantees continued operational efficiency (Rollair 550-2000)
  • In-house designed air ends ensuring high performance
  • New converter contributing to significant FAD and SER improvements (Rollair 10-20E V).
  • Top performance also in harsh conditions thanks to efficient filtration, a generous electric fan and a big vertical cooler (Rollair 10-20E V).
  • Very low noise level and a compact design allow for easy installation in or close to the workplace.
  • Easy service possible due to removable panels.
  • The options you need to tailor your compressor to your specific needs.

Worthington Rollair 10V leftfront
The Rollair 10-20E V range grants very low specific energy requirements and one of the widest turndowns of its category. These compressors closely follow the air demand by automatically adjusting their motor speed. Combined with the innovative design of their direct driven transmission, this results in up to 35% of energy savings and drastically cuts down the lifecycle cost by up to 25%.