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Adsorption Dryer Kits

Enjoy uncontaminated dry air with the adsorption dryer kit tailored to your specific requirements

Key benefits:

Adsorption Dryer Service Kit
  • Dew points from - 20°C down to - 70°C, depending on the application
  • Guarantees delivery of dry, clean and uncontaminated air
  • Produces air suitable for even the most sensitive applications
  • Helps to optimize the service cost of your unit

The Worthington Creyssensac range of adsorption dryer kits assures that you have clean and dry compressed air suitable for even the most sensitive applications. These kits eliminate the risk of contamination from residual water vapor contained in the compressed air. We offer kits for different sizes and types of adsorption dryers, so you can optimize your cost whilst enjoying clean dry air. The service kits include the following in- and outlet filter cartridges, a silencer, desiccant cartridges or a desiccant bag, the necessary seals and service instruction.