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FAQ Organization

What is the Origin of our products?

We have production plats all around the world, but the main production facilities are in Belgium and Italy.

Is it possible to buy products or spare parts online?

Yes, if you are a certified dealer with valid contract you can buy spare parts over your online shop e-connect. If you don’t have access please contact your sales representative for further instruction.

What is your strategy for Internet sales?

We are constantly aiming for easy access to order spare parts and get all the needed information online. Right now we have the web shop e-connect available for all our certified dealers. Increasing our online presence is something we are continuously working at.

What is the long term strategy for my brand in the Atlas Copco group organization?

We strive to be best inclass with every brand and have a sustainable growth with the help of competitive and high quality products. Every brand has a unique market approach and to be first in mind first in choice for every segment is our goal. We put our customers and dealers in focus to assure that we are a professional and sustainable organization to work with. To keep the small company feeling is important, this means take the positive synergies from the big organization but work as a small company with personal relationships, trust and quick support.

Can we have specific training for our service people?

The service training needs to be done locally. Some special training can be localized at a product company but in general the training should be organized locally by the service organization. If you are a certified dealer you should have a service training in order to follow up on the latest news at least once per year.

What do you do with the leads arriving at your organization?

There are very seldomly leads coming into the product company where the products are produced. More common is to have leads coming into the customer center, where it is up the sales manager to decide the plan of action.

I am dealer in the UK, I would like to create some promotional material about my organization and also show some of the products we sell. Where can I find pictures?

You can find various resources on the MBP > Marketing material > Serie > Dealer Package > Sales Material. Otherwise contact your local customer center.

Are there any presentations on my brand which I can use at customer visits?

If your brand has MBP, you can find these resources  under the same link for the as above answer. There you will find a power point presentation for the brand, which can be used at customer visits, as well as other useful materials.

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