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Quality Air Solutions

Dry and clean compressed air is indispensable to keep your air distribution network in optimal shape. Quality air solution products ensure this air quality, preventing corrosion, leakages, pollution and rust.

DW 5 Refrigerant Dryers
The Worthington Creyssensac offers a complete range of DW refrigerant dryers, for perfect dry and clean air. The DW2-DW420 goes from 350 up to 84.000 l/min depending on the model.
DB 47 Adsorption Dryers
The Worthington Creyssensac range of DB adsorption dryers is efficient and effective.  Moreover the DB 05 - 130 comes with clever dew point management.
Filter Elements Line Filters
The Worthington Creyssensac range of line filters combines reliability and peace of mind for excellent purification of compressed air. They are available with performance from 43 to 2430 mc/h. Simple in design yet high on performance!
Oil-Water Separator Oil-Water Separator
The Worthington Creyssensac S 13 - 850 Oil-Water Separator is the perfect system to separate oil from water in your compressed air system. It protects the environment and saves costs!
Condensate Drain Overview Condensate Drain
The Worthington Creyssensac automatic condensate drain LD range LD200, LD202 and LD203 removes all condensate from your compressed air system and helps to reduce the wear of the complete air distribution network and of your equipment.